Merry Christmas Everybody


Jake Oakes – Policy and Campaigns Assistant 

 I am currently sat on a train back home, up north to the family. I’ve realised that the thing I am most looking forward to is the food: the Christmas dinner, Granny’s mince pies, and of course; PIGS IN BLANKETS! Ahem sorry… I clearly meant seeing the family…

Whilst, I make my way home listening to ‘Wham’s Last Christmas’. I also reflect on the thousands of deaf children and young people making their way to their own Christmases and their own  traditions.


As everyone’s Christmases are different, I am sure there will be some common themes; that tense moment when someone brings up politics, the dreaded monopoly game and of course, for deaf people, the awkward deaf awareness lesson you give to your family.


Don’t you worry, we have some fantastic tips to avoid such frustrations for deaf family members. Together, we can make Christmas accessible for everyone this year. My top three tips would be:

  • Watching Christmas movies? Turn the subtitles on!
  • Play games – give deaf children a break from conversations (Lip-reading is super tiring!)
  • Over Christmas dinner, Speak one at a time (please!)

For more tips, check out our website.

Finally, we all from the campaigns team, wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

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