General Election 2017: contact your candidates


Jess Reeves, Campaigns Manager, National Deaf Children’s Society

With the 8th of June fast approaching, now is the time to contact your local candidates and tell them what matters to you in this election. Most candidates will have very little knowledge of deafness and the issues that matter to deaf children, young people and their families. So this is your opportunity to educate them.

Over that past few weeks we have been blogging about what we think the next Government needs to do to tackle these issues in England including; ensuring that funding for services for deaf children is sufficient, inspecting the quality of education services for deaf children, ensuring deaf young people can access specialist careers advice and making it easier for deaf young people to become apprentices, as well as making sure children’s audiology services are fit for purpose and ruling out any cuts to benefits for disabled children and young people. There maybe other local issues affecting deaf children that you think your candidates should be aware of.

We’ve made it easy for you to find out who your candidates are and email them from our website. Please do it without delay and help us make deaf children matter in this election.

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