Wales campaigners: You made a difference!


Debbie Green, Policy & Campaigns Officer Wales

Debbie Thomas, Policy and Campaigns Officer, Wales, National Deaf Children’s Society

Have you ever looked at an email, tweet or Facebook post urging you to sign a petition or take some other campaign action and thought: “I wonder whether doing this will have any impact?”  Well, it really does – so please keep up the good work!

Back in December, we asked NDCS and SENSE supporters in Wales to respond to a Welsh Government consultation through an online action. We were concerned that plans to change the law on additional learning needs could prove problematic for deaf children and young people. More than 70 people took part in the online action, which enabled users to submit a template consultation response within a few clicks.

The Welsh Government has recently published the results of this consultation and NDCS supporters made up a fabulous 28% of the total responses. As a direct result, the report has a specific section outlining our concerns about how the law will affect deaf children. By taking this action, you have really helped us to shout out about the needs of deaf children and young people in this vital piece of new legislation.

The law is still in draft form and has a long way to go before it becomes a reality, so NDCS Cymru will continue to meet with key officials and politicians in the meantime. But by taking part in this action, you have given us a fantastic tool to call for the needs of deaf children to be at the centre of conversations as the law is developed. Thank you!

  • You can read the Welsh Government’s report on the consultation here
  • Check out our website for more information on the bill and up-dates… we may well be calling for your help again as the new law draws closer!

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