Getting deafness onto MPs’ agenda

NDCS - Ian Noon, Head of Policy and Research

Ian Noon, Head of Policy and Research

Have you heard of the Education Select Committee? They’re an influential group of MPs in the House of Commons who look at the work of the Department for Education and make recommendations for how they should do things differently or better. Their recommendations are usually well thought out and they can sometimes have quite a big impact on government policy.

Why am I telling you all this? Because you have an opportunity to shape and direct the work of the new Education Select Committee. The new chair, Neil Carmichael MP, is asking members of the public to suggest – via the medium of Twitter – possible future topics for the Committee.

So if there are any burning issues you think the Committee should be interrogating the Department for Education on, now’s your chance.

Here at the National Deaf Children’s Society, there are two things we think they should focus on when they get back from the summer holidays:

  • The quality of education support that deaf children and other disabled children get from local authority services. This would include the quality of support from Teachers of the Deaf. We know that Ofsted will be consulting soon on how they do this. But will Ofsted go far enough? And do they need to have a specific focus on deaf children as part of this?
  • Last September, lots of big changes to the special educational needs system came into force. Are those changes making a difference?

If you want to tweet your suggestions to the Education Select Committee, make sure you use the hashtag #TellCommonsEd. Suggestions can be tweeted to @CommonsEd.

And if you think there should be an inquiry into the two areas we’ve suggested, below is some suggested text for a tweet that you can send. Alternatively, you can go to our Twitter page @NDCS_UK and RT our suggestions.

#TellCommonsEd Should be an inquiry into Ofsted’s proposals for local area SEN inspections – will they go far enough for deaf children? @CommonsEd

#TellCommonsEd Inquiry into Children and Families Act – 1 year on, what impact is it having on SEN support? @CommonsEd

You may have other ideas and thoughts yourself so make sure you send them over. Get tweeting!

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