My PIP story

KayelyHello. My name is Kayley MacGregor, I am 21 years old. I have been deaf all my life and have worn two hearing aids since I was 4. I live in the very North of Scotland in a small town called Wick, I am a qualified Early Years Practitioner and work in a playgroup. It can be hard sometimes because of the noise and young children’s speech isn’t always the best, but I love my job!

I have been doing some research over the past few years about disability benefits, but I couldn’t really see much for deaf people. In 2010, I applied for DLA but was told because I didn’t need any help doing things for myself I wasn’t able to get it.

I recently moved into my own house, with my boyfriend, so I went to citizens advice for help on benefits in general not just disability ones. I asked about DLA again and they explained it was now PIP and we looked through the criteria together. It turns out I only got 2 points and needed more. I did not need an interpreter, etc so therefore I was not eligible for PIP. I felt that I didn’t get to put across my individual struggles. I felt this unfair as in Wick most of the jobs which are in shops, restaurants, offices, etc. Now I am not saying deaf people cannot do these types of work, because they can, it’s just that it can be difficult. I know this because I worked in a shop and found it extremely difficult. My hours have been cut down at work and I am looking for another job. PIP would have helped financially. I feel really disappointed that there is not enough help for deaf people.

I now plan to look into PIP again and get some support from NDCS on what to do next.

4 thoughts on “My PIP story

  1. Hi, I’m a Welfare Rights Advisor and have to say that you can get PIP. The rate depends on your level of hearing for the majority of the time and has to take into account the difficulties you have when you cannot use your hearing aids or when it is too difficult to use them (eg when it’s raining, windy, noisy, wet hair, playing sports etc). At those times if you need support via BSL or lip reading you ought to get descriptor 7c or 7d (4 or 8 points) not 7c (2 points). CAB fell into an easy answer in this case. PIP does not differentiate between night and day (which DLA did) so if you need communication support during the night, this counts!! Sadly many deaf people struggle with engaging with others and may (for example) need support to do so at parties, pubs, work, shops, cinema. That’s descriptor 9c worth 4 points. You could be at the necessary 8 already! Outdoors counts separately and in my experience 1d could count (needs help from another person or assistance dog to follow the route of an unfamiliar journey (10 points). Remember, if 2 descriptors apply in a day then the highest points-scorer is the one that counts, not the lowest. There’s a lot more I could write but that’ll get you started. One last thing – you will be refused and you MUST appeal (but that’s another story!). Best wishes, Phil


  2. Hi this is a message for pip who left her story saying she applied for dla you could go to citizens advice they will appeal it for you as they declined my son’s application then I appealed he got it as it can get very frustrating for a deaf person to communicate and understand a hearing person give them a try good luck huni xx


  3. hi my son ethan was refused pip a few months ago he as hearing loss in both ears an wears aids he only scored two points as they say he can wash himself and cook for himself and follow a route whilst out he was getting dla since he was 5 now he is 16 and all of a sudden this as happened to us it’s disgustin am not letting it go I have put in for reconsideration with dwp and am waiting for reply of them I will also take this to appeal as it’s wrong this is a disability for life not just a couple of months somethink needs to be done about it xx


  4. My friend is in the same situation, has recently bn taken off his da which was ment to have bn for life, he can’t hear even with hearing aids now and only lip reads, he has bn in the same job as a housing officer assistant for over 20 yrs and has seen many people rise through the ranks where he cannot be promoted because he cannot deal with the public for example because he cannot use the telephone, he is now financially in a rut because of the loss of money and obv his wage doesn’t accommodate all outgoings including child maintenance. He was just declined pip too as they say he doesn’t have enough points, however he has suffered outside work also, once Beng punched in a bus because he didn’t move to let someone past him as he was facing the opposite way so didn’t hear or see the person. The system is really unfair, why take this away even tho his condition has worsened!!


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