What are the political parties offering deaf children and young people?

Beccy Forrow Campaigns Officer, National Deaf Children's Society

Beccy Forrow Campaigns Officer, National Deaf Children’s Society

We know that for most parents of deaf children, the support that politicians are promising for deaf children’s services is a top election priority.

We’ve given you our roundup of the manifesto commitments affecting deaf children over the last few weeks but perhaps you’d like to hear from the parties themselves?

With this in mind, check out the debate on See Hear about the parties’ plans for policies affecting the deaf community – it might help you to decide where to put your cross on 7 May!


The debate features:

  • Mark Harper, Conservative, former Minister for Disabled People
  • Kate Green, Labour, Shadow Spokesperson for Disabled People
  • Star Etheridge, UKIP, Disability Spokesperson
  • Steve Webb, Liberal Democrats, former Minister of State for Pensions

Representatives from the Green party, Plaid Cymru, the Scottish National Party, Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein, were also asked for their views on some of the issues affecting deaf people.

A few questions were asked that relate directly to deaf children and young people, in particular:

  • What will the parties do about the decline in numbers of Teachers of the Deaf and how will they make sure they are well qualified in BSL? – 18.10 mins
  • Should there be a GCSE in BSL? – 22.48 mins
  • How will the parties ensure deaf children have a good quality of life? – 48.10 mins

Watch the programme and make up your own mind about which party has the best offer for deaf children and young people….

If you want to find out more about what the parties are proposing, you can ask your prospective parliamentary candidates. They need your vote and hopefully will be responsive to any questions you might have! Ask your candidates what they know about deaf children and call on them to protect the services that they rely on in the next Parliament.

The Your Next MP website also has information on the candidates in your area and our website has more information on the election, including a detailed election factsheet.

And….don’t forget to vote on Thursday!

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