URGENT: NEW Devon CCG restricting deaf young adults to just one hearing aid!

Liz Partridge, Campaigns Manager

Liz Partridge, Campaigns Manager

NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has recently made an extremely concerning decision to restrict deaf adults (18 yrs and upwards) to just one hearing aid, meaning they will no longer pay for a second hearing aid for deaf young adults with bilateral hearing loss.

Not only is this decision shocking because of the potential impact it will have on deaf young adults but we also believe this decision has been taken without a full consultation with those the decision will impact on. We are working hard to seek a reversal of this decision, and we hope you can help.

Take action!
If you live in Devon, I urge you to complain to NEW Devon CCG about this. Please note this CCG does commission services in most areas in Devon, but if you live in some parts of South Devon you may want to double check which CCG provides services in your area before complaining. NEW Devon CCG does include both Plymouth and Exeter.

You can email your complaint to: pals.devon@nhs.net or complaints.devon@nhs.net , telephone on 01392 267 665 or 0300 123 1672 or text them for a call back on: 07789 741 099.
You may wish to include the following points in your complaint:
• Reverse this decision immediately
• This decision will have a severe impact on young adults at a critical time in their life when an emphasis should be placed on maximising hearing so that deaf young adults are able to fully access further education and/or early working life.
• I am aware that one of your equality objectives states that you will produce an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) for all changes to new policies and you have said they will publish an EIA within or next to the relevant document on their website. However I cannot find evidence of this EIA. Please can you publish this information immediately as I want to know that deaf young people were properly consulted before this decision was made.

Please do also include your own personal stories as well, if applicable.

When you receive a response please forward it to us at: campaigns@ndcs.org.uk

You could also contact your MP about this issue and ask them to contact NEW Devon CCG about their decision. You can find out who your MP is here: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mps/

We are currently in talks with the CCG and have already achieved some media coverage. We will provide further updates shortly.

We need to take action now to put pressure on the CCG to reverse this shocking decision!

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