Have your say: what skills should a Teacher of the Deaf have?

NDCS - Ian Noon, Head of Policy and Research

Ian Noon, Head of Policy and Research

Did you know that teachers have to undergo an extra two years of training in order to become a Teacher of the Deaf? This is so they can pick up the specialist expert knowledge needed in order to make sure that deaf children can achieve their potential.

The National College for Teaching and Leadership are currently seeking views on what should be part of this “mandatory qualification”. At NDCS, we’re extremely unhappy about the fact that the College have left just one month to consult on this.

Whilst we’ll be complaining about this, we still want to make sure that parents of deaf children get to have their say on what Teachers of the Deaf need to do and know. So, this week, in this blog, we’re encouraging families to let us know what they think so that we can include them in our response.

The first question we’d like to get views on is:

What do you like about the support that Teachers of the Deaf currently provide to your deaf child or to deaf children in general?

Is there anything that they do or know that you particularly value? What have they done that’s made a big difference to your child?

Please let us know what you think – leave us a comment below or email us at campaigns@ndcs.org.uk

We’ll be doing another blog later this week with a second question, so please watch out for those.

If you’d like more information about the consultation, you can:

Read the consultation document
Find out what skills and competencies Teachers of the Deaf are currently expected to have

And if you’d like to respond to the College directly, you can:

Download a response form

5 thoughts on “Have your say: what skills should a Teacher of the Deaf have?

  1. ALL teachers of the deaf should have qualifications in BSL..all to often Deaf children are left to make communication work, when their teachers are unable to communicate with them in BSL


    • Hi Helen

      Thanks for your comment. The specification currently says that all Teachers of the Deaf should have level 1 and all Teachers teaching classes of deaf children should have level 2 BSL.

      How do you feel about that?


      Ian, NDCS


      • I’ve just started level 2 BSL. I expect to be able to hold a simple conversation in BSL but I can’t see how this would equip teachers to communicate successfully with children whose first language is BSL.


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