Anti-bullying week – let’s stop bullying for all

NDCS - Ian Noon, Head of Policy and Research

Ian Noon, Head of Policy and Research

Anti-Bullying Week kicks off today. This year, the Anti-Bullying Alliance is calling on schools to take action to stop the bullying of ALL children and young people – including disabled children and those with special educational needs who are unfortunately more likely to experience bullying.

We blogged back in July about the steps that can be taken to help prevent bullying in deaf children. There’s loads more information in our bullying resources, which can all be downloaded for free from

And for anti-bullying week, we’ve got a new resource: a short video clip from a member of the NDCS Young People’s Advisory Board, Ammaar, who offers his tips for stopping bullying. It’s a really powerful and direct clip and Ammaar does an amazing job of bringing the issue to life.

So what can our campaigners do during anti-bullying week?

1) Get active on social media. Help us spread the word about our resources. Share this link-  with your contacts on social media. Use the hashtag #stopbullying and don’t forget to mention @NDCS_UK

2) Watch and share Ammaar’s video with any deaf young people you know. Have a chat about the issues it raises. And share our resources for young people as well – including the See it! Stop it! booklet.

3) Share our resource for education professionals with your local school and any teachers you know. Encourage them to think about the steps they can take to prevent bullying of deaf children in their school. And ask if the school’s anti-bullying policy specifically considers the needs of deaf children.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have loads more ideas for things you can do during Anti-Bullying week. If we all work together, we can make a real difference to help raise awareness and prevent bullying for deaf and other disabled children.

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