International Week of the Deaf

NDCS Campaigns Blog - Suzanne Lagan, Deaf Child Worldwide

Suzanne Lagan, International Communications Coordinator

22nd – 29th September, is International Week of the Deaf 2014. Many of Deaf Child Worldwide partner organisations will mark this week with a range of events and activities to raise awareness of deafness around the world. With the spotlight already on the issue, many of our partners are taking this opportunity to campaign for rights and improved services for deaf people around the world.

Samuha, a Deaf Child Worldwide partner in Karntaka, India have planned a procession expected to be attended by over 500 people. The procession will end at the Tahasildar (revenue administrative office), where they will present a memorandum reminding the Government of their commitments to deaf people including provision of housing and hearing week of the deaf

Across the country in West Bengal, Deaf Child Worldwide partner organisation SUK are leading a workshop on the development and empowerment of persons with disability. Over 200 attendees are expected including the State Commissioner of Disabilities of West Bengal State and other Government officials, making this an excellent opportunity to raise awareness, to highlight needs of deaf people and to hold Governments accountable.

In Kenya, we support the development of a Young Deaf Advocacy Group through our partner Undugu, who have arranged meetings with key stakeholders including the Ministry of Youth Affairs to discuss the need for inclusive programmes to support deaf youth.

This is just a snapshot into some of the exciting campaigning activities planned throughout the week across the world. Please follow us on twitter #DeafchildWW and our website for more news throughout the week.

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