Renée, Kathryn and Amy tell MPs to Listen Up!

NDCS, Sam Aldridge

Sam Aldridge, Campaigns Officer

Three members of the NDCS Youth Advisory Board are attending the Autumn political party conferences with the NDCS Policy and Campaigns team this year. They’ll be meeting with MPs to discuss what they can do to improve things for deaf children and young people. After their Party Conference training day, Renée, Kathryn and Amy blogged about their thoughts ahead of conference on the NDCS Buzz website, here’s what they said:

Renée will be going to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester

If I could change one thing for deaf young people it would be…more communication techniques as more people are becoming deaf/having hearing loss need to communicate properly.Renee

Hi, my name is Renee. I’m 16 years old and am profoundly deaf with two cochlear implants. I am one of the YAB members. I’ve been involved since March 2014 and will be going to Glasgow in September for our YAB residential weekend!  I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be awesome! Once the residential weekend is finished, I’ll be going to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester.

On the 15th August, NDCS planned a training day for 3 members of the YAB (including me) to give us an idea of what party conference is going to be like – how to talk to MPs, and how to persuade them and get their attention. We also got to experience what some MPs might be like (some could be nice, but some could be bad!). It was good to learn how to act if they don’t listen. We did some fun activities too!

We also talked about what issues young deaf people have today and discussed how we could solve them to make life better and easier for young deaf people.

I really cannot wait to the day of the party conference and hope I meet some new, interesting people!

Kathryn will be going to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham

If I could change one thing for deaf young people it would be…Ofsted to inspect deaf support and  to ensure support not cut.Kathryn

I’m Kathryn, or Kat as my deaf friends like to call me. I’m 18 years old and I come from a quaint city called Worcester.

I was selected alongside 17 other young deaf people to join the YAB. The aim of the board is to allow us to gain more independence, make new friends, and to find an issue that we all feel strongly about and produce a campaign – so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with that.

At the end of September, I am going to the Conservative Party Conference. To prepare for this, I attended NDCS’ party conference training day in London. I had a brilliant day – it was really fun, but I also learnt a lot too! I learnt about different roles that people have within politics and Parliament. I also learnt about NDCS’ different campaigns, and how to get the best out of the MP’s and the day overall. It was lovely to see Amy and Renee again!

I’m really looking forward to the party conference, but I must admit I’m a little bit nervous because, even though I know what’s happening, I don’t really know what to expect until I get there. It’s a whole new adventure for me. But I do know it’s going to be an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to tell you all about it after!

Amy will be going to the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Glasgow

If I could change one thing for deaf young people it would be…for them to be able to achieve their dream like any other person – achieving degrees first then becoming what they would love to be with their degree.


My name is Amy. I’m fifteen years old and live in Scotland. I joined the YAB because I want to improve the lives of deaf young people like me, things like improving subtitles in the cinema.

I’m going to the Liberal Democrat Party Conference on the 6th of October in Glasgow. I’m looking forward to talking to the MPs about how they have the power to improve our lives in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom too.

In the summer, I went to London to get training for the Party Conference. It was great learning about how to act with different people – the Prime Minister, MPs etc. I learned a lot and have benefited from it for future use!

Look out for our blog posts from the conferences sharing what we’ve discussed with the MPs we meet and what Renée, Kathryn and Amy thought of their first conference!

2 thoughts on “Renée, Kathryn and Amy tell MPs to Listen Up!

  1. If your team are attending the party conferences maybe they can ask for the speakers to be captioned live. We can provide them for the relevant parties and make sure debates are fully inclusive and accessible.
    Peter Provins AI-Media


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