Support our Thunderclap!

NDCS, Sam Aldridge

Sam Aldridge, Campaigns Officer

At the end of September we’ll be launching our new campaign Listen Up! to improve audiology services for deaf children and young people.

We want to make sure as many people as possible know about our campaign; to do this we’ve set up a Thunderclap. Thunderclap is an application that allows you to register your social media accounts (facebook, twitter and tumblr) to send a pre-written message out at a set time. It means that we can rally all of our supporters to send a campaign message out at exactly the same time to have a bigger impact. The more people that sign up to support the Thunderclap, the more people will know about our campaign and help us to take action! It only takes a minute to sign up so please add your voice to our campaign.

Please sign up here to support our campaign message today!

If you sign up, you’ll be able to see the campaign message that will be sent out at 12pm on Monday 29th September.

Thunderclap will ask you to authorise the app and allow it to post to your social media account, don’t worry, it will only post the message you are approving about our campaign and won’t post anything else to your account.

On Monday 29th September we’ll be asking you to email a copy of the Listen Up! report to your MP to ask them to take action to improve audiology services for deaf children and young people. To find out more about how you can get involved join the NDCS Campaigns Network today. 

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