5 articles the Campaigns Team has been reading this week

Alex Chitty, Campaigns Assistant at NDCS - Stolen Futures

Alex Chitty, Campaigns Assistant

Every week we’ll be compiling a short list of articles that we’ve noticed in the news and want to share with you. Some of them will be about campaigning and others will be about changes to policy, or relevant policy areas, which may be of interest.

1)    A day in the life of … a deaf children’s family officer, Emma Williams-Daly, Guardian
Emma Williams-Daly, Family Officer at NDCS offers impartial information, advocacy and support to families of deaf children and young people.

2)    Truss: Pupils in poor mental health ‘not troublemakers’, Judith Burns, BBC News
Too many young people with unmet mental health needs are unfairly labelled as troublemakers, says the Education Minister, Elizabeth Truss. The Department for Education has launched guidance to help schools in England spot mental health issues.

3)    The Perfect Storm, Brian Lamb, Campaign Central
Drawing on Oxfam’s recent ‘The Perfect Storm’ campaign, Brian discusses the importance of distinguishing between what is political and what is party political in campaigning. He maintains that the third sector must not allow their contribution to debates concerning the impact of government policies on the groups charities represent to be framed as being an unacceptable activity.

4)    Deprivation Britain: Poverty is getting worse – even among working families, Chris Green, Independent
A recent study shows that the number of impoverished households has more than doubled in the 30 years since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

5)    10 things we’d like to say to teachers, Anonymous, Guardian
Following on from an article we featured last week, parents add their two cents.

Have you spotted any good articles around this week? Leave a comment below to share them with us!

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