5 articles the Campaigns Team has been reading this week

Jonathan Barnes - NDCS, articles we’ve been reading this week

Jonathan Barnes, Campaigns Assistant

Every week, we’ll be compiling a short list of articles that we’ve noticed in the news and want to share with you. Some of them will be about campaigning and others will be about changes to policy, or relevant policy areas, that may be of interest.

1)   Free schools – what can America teach Britain? – Laura McInerney, The Guardian

MPs visited the US last month to see what we can learn from charter schools. According to this feature, they came away with ideas about closure, takeovers and decisive action.

2)    9 milestones deaf parents should record Emily Howlett, Limping Chicken

Have you seen any of these hugely popular ‘Baby Milestones’ things? They’re generally books, or lists, or online checkboxes of gorgeous and lovely things your little one will do, so that you can record precisely when each happened for the first time. Here’s a rundown of the extras you get as a deaf parent.

3)    See Hear: Looking beyond the curtain of silenceWilliam Mager, BBC News Online

We’ve come a long way in the 41 years since Horizon first broadcast a documentary on deafness. Sometimes we should stop and celebrate, which this article does.

4)   One year until General Election 2015: what charity leaders want Aimee Meade, The Guardian

A range of charity leaders discuss what they want to see from the political parties for the third sector before the general election next year.

5)    Building communication with a deaf childLydia L. Callis, Huffington Post

Lydia Callis argues that discovering sign language with your deaf infant offers the opportunity for both of you to experience a richer life and a closer relationship. By accepting your child’s abilities and taking the time to access their world from a young age, you also give them access to yours.

Have you spotted any good articles around this week? Leave a comment below to share them with us!

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