5 articles the Campaigns Team has been reading this week

NDCS, Sam Aldridge

Sam Aldridge, Campaigns Assistant

Every week we’ll be compiling a short list of articles that we’ve noticed in the news and want to share with you. Some of them will be about campaigning and others will be about changes to policy, or relevant policy areas, which may be of interest.

1)     Halifax bank apologises for asking deaf man to pay £25 for transaction that hearing people could do for free, Andy Palmer, Limping Chicken

 A deaf man from Slough was told by staff at his local branch of Halifax Bank that he would need to pay a £25 admin fee if he wanted staff to resolve a simple  banking problem that people who can hear would be able to do for free.

2)   Young people should be at the forefront of charity campaigns, Leon Ward, Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

Charities can learn a lot from the FGM campaign, which has been successfully fronted by a young person, says Leon Ward.

3)   Meet the extraordinary woman who became a health campaigner after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer aged 23, Lizzie Edmonds, Mail Online 

After several rounds of chemotherapy, Kris, who will never be cancer-free and receives monthly treatment in hospital, is one of the most prolific cancer campaigners in the country thanks to her charity CoppaFeel!

4)   Lobbying is crucial to our sector so why no ‘Institute of Campaigning’?, Brian Lamb, Third Sector

A threat to charity campaigning is posed not only by the lobbying act, but also by our own inability to demonstrate that we can make a difference in the long term.

5)   Students could be paying loans into their 50s, Katherine Sellgren, BBC News

Most students will still be paying back loans from their university days in their 40s and 50s, and many will never clear the debt, research finds.

Have you spotted any good articles around this week? Leave a comment below to share them with us!

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