5 articles the Campaigns Team has been reading this week

Jonathan Barnes - NDCS, articles we’ve been reading this week

Jonathan Barnes, Campaigns Assistant

Every week we’ll be compiling a short list of articles that we’ve noticed in the news and want to share with you. Some of them will be about campaigning and others will be about changes to policy, or relevant policy areas, which may be of interest.

1)    GCSE analysis: Can the new exams be linked to the world’s ‘best’ education systems?, William Stewart, TES

“There is no international standard that we can benchmark to.” Yesterday’s frank admission from Cath Jadhav, Ofqual’s director of research, neatly sums up the fix the exams regulator finds itself in as it seeks to ensure England’s reformed GCSEs match the world’s most “rigorous” standards.

2)    State schools now competing with private schools for best students – Gove, Steven Swinford, The Telegraph

Parents in South London who can afford to send their children to private schools are choosing instead to send them to the state sector.

3)    Social care becomes ‘emergency service’ as cuts biteNeil Puffett, Children and Young People Now

Rising caseloads combined with spending cuts have left local authority children’s social care provision as little more than an “emergency service” the NSPCC has claimed.

4)    £10-a-month fee to use NHS: Outrage at call to end era of free healthcare, Ben Endley, Daily Express

Patients would pay £10 a month to use the NHS and higher fees for prescriptions under plans revealed today. People should also face extra costs for staying in hospital, a new report says.

5)    Five social media charity campaigns you need to know about, Zoe Amar, The Guardian

Five recent social media campaigns run, or used, by charities to improve outcomes. Some great ideas about what makes a good social media campaign.

Have you spotted any good articles around this week? Leave a comment below to share them with us!

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