5 articles the Campaigns Team has been reading this week

Alex Chitty, Campaigns Assistant at NDCS - Stolen Futures

Alex Chitty, Campaigns Assistant

Every week we’ll be compiling a short list of articles that we’ve noticed in the news and want to share with you. Some of them will be about campaigning and others will be about changes to policy, or relevant policy areas, which may be of interest.

1)    Neglected children must be better protected, Ofsted
A new Ofsted report says that more must be done to identify and respond effectively to neglect at the earliest stages so that the most vulnerable children in our society do not remain too long in families where they come to harm.

2)    Child mental health issues ‘missed, BBC
Experts warn that thousands of young people may be “slipping through the net” because adults do not spot the warning signs of mental health problems. MindEd, a new website, backed by groups including the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, is being launched to increase awareness of these issues.

3)    UK charitable giving increased by £1.1bn to £10.4bn in 2012/13, Annette Rawstrone, Third Sector
New figures from the Charities Aid Foundation show that the average amount donated rose to £29. Overall, UK charitable giving increased by £1.1bn in 2012/13 to £10.4bn.

4)    What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong, Tony Haile, TIMEBusiness
Seeking to engage online users? This post dispels common myths and provides some useful lessons for us all.

5)    SignHealth claim research shows thousands of deaf people are suffering from “unintentional neglect” by the NHS, The Limping Chicken
SignHealth’s five year study into the health of Deaf people also reveals that these undiagnosed, potentially life-threatening conditions are costing the health service £30 million a year.

Have you spotted any good articles around this week? Leave a comment below to share them with us!

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