NDCS is supporting calls to improve careers advice

NDCS - Ralph Hartley: Supporting calls to improve careers advice

Ralph Hartley, Post-16 Education Policy Advisor

Everyone agrees that young people need proper careers advice. The job market is increasingly complex and it is more and more difficult for young people to see how to get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Deaf children and young people are in particular need of good quality advice and support. Many deaf children suffer from low aspirations, or find it difficult to access opportunities to find out about the world of work because of communication barriers or a lack of support. It’s my job as the Post-16 Policy Adviser at NDCS to look at ways we can improve these sorts of things. One way is to try and influence government policy in this area.

Unfortunately though, the policies this Government have chosen have made it less likely that deaf young people will access good quality support. This is why we are supporting the Association of Colleges’ (AoC) Careers Guidance: Guaranteed campaign.

How can you help?

You can support the campaign and the deaf children and young people who rely on good quality careers advice and guidance by signing the AoC’s petition.

The campaign focuses on four key areas, making a recommendation in each:

  • Access: Colleges, Jobcentre Plus and local authorities should work together to ensure there is one careers ‘hub’ in each area, which is clearly signposted to all as a place where advice is available about careers options.
  • Accountability: Ofsted should inspect and report on all careers guidance in schools and Colleges, ensuring staff who deliver careers advice are properly qualified. Such institutions should only be graded good or outstanding if they have good or outstanding careers advice and guidance.
  • Informed choice: All school and college websites should link clearly to the National Careers Service website.
  • Investment: The Department for Education should match the annual funding provided to the National Careers Service by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. This would help make sure it meets the needs of young people.

NDCS is also working on its own and with others to make sure that the additional support that deaf young people might require is delivered by the people that provide careers advice.

Find out more

You can also read more about careers advice and jobs on our website

And there is information specifically for young people here

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